1. Triviality

This game is designed by An Kong and me, to reveal our fear as women in everyday life. This game is inspired by our life experiences being women in different culture and environment. Starting from trivial things in our life, we designed this game for ourselves and for anyone out there sharing the same feelings with us. We are grateful as who we are, but at the same time fear about "the invisible hands" that try to change us. 


My Work: - Brainstormed and created the game structure. - Drew sprites and created all the sprites animation/particles animation in Unity. - Built functions to control the character and other functions.

Tools: Unity, C#, Illustrator

Game Demo:

2. Life of a Hermit Crab

You will play a hermit crab in this game, exploring the shallows. Hermit Crab can't live without a shell, so the first thing is to find a shell to live. But be carefully to accidentally live in trash, such as pills bottles and tin cans. Although those things can protect you in the shallows, but will cause trouble as the game goes. 

Team: An, Yibo, Lia, Crystal

My Work: - Created the map of the landscape and sculpted the landform. - Used shaders and create the transition between above and under water. - 3D modelling, objects placement, and fishes/ shells animation. 

Tools: Unity, C#, Rhino

3. Escape

Escape was inspired by the idea of people's addition of social media today. We want to create this game to reflect on how people obsess with posting on social media and seeing others' reaction on their posts. We want to send out the message that we should embrace our imperfections in reality and prevent deceiving ourselves by others' judgements on social media.

Team: Yibo, An, Crystal

My Work:  - Sprites design and animation. - Built function of character's movement.

Tools: Unity, C#, Illustrator

4. P...Pizza!

Help this uncooked pizza find its missing slices. Don’t be confused by other food in the kitchen, and find the way to the pizza cooker after finding the missing slices!

Individual Project

Tools: Unity, C#, Photoshop