Hi, I'm Crystal
I love using code to solve problem
I am interested in creating
websites that are creative and accessible



This website is created for user to like and buy photographs. This is a practice project of using react hooks and react router for my self-learning courses. 

Tool used:  HTML/CSS,  React.js

Link to code


A website created for my MFA thesis project - Encounter, which is used during my thesis show. During my second year of MFA degree, I fall in love with creating website, so I decided to make this website to support my thesis project. 

This website provided my guest an intro and documentary of my thesis project about recreating public benches. I also created a section for my guest to explore different public benches by using Unsplash Api.

Tool used:  HTML/CSS/JS,  Promises

Link to code


I am a cat lover. I created this website for people who like to look at cat posts and learn about cats. Users can click to explore different cat breeds, and browse interesting cat pictures by clicking different keywords.

Tool used: React.js, API

Link to code