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Playground City - Autonomous Transportation Oriented Design


Our team intend to explore the potential change of urban cities under a fully autonomous vehicle environment. This project performs anticipatory design scenarios in Honolulu, Hawaii based on the current Honolulu Transit-oriented Development Plan (TOD). 


Inspired by Bjarke Ingels Group's idea of the plastic city, where cars move free and no regular lanes on street, our concept is to create a new adaptive transit system that could be applied to different sites. Under the connected smart system of transportation, this project is aimed at transforming the urban area from a car-dominated structure to a pedestrian-dominated structure, making the city into a playground for people to enjoy.


Group Project at Pennsylvania State University

Fall 2020

​Team Member

Wenjuan Li, Shiyuan Wang

Studio Advisor

David Goldberg


AutoCad, Rhino, Photoshop

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