Beating Landscape

The Idea

"To walk through a landscape that resonates with your mood or unlocks your memory is a good way to harrow and at the same time enrich the soul". Painter Frederic Church paints powerful feelings to the landscape, revealing memories, stories, and an emotional side of the landscape. 

We attach thoughts, feelings, and memories to places, and create emotional bonds with physical environment. These emotions are hidden and sometimes neglected by us. Beating landscape is an installation that builds the connection between our inner self and the physical environment. Unlike any landscape artwork in the gallery, Beating Landscape creates unique one for every audience. 


Individual project 

Aug 2020 - Dec 2020

Studio Advisor

Kyle Li, Yinan Zhang


Processing, Arduino

A heartbeat of landscape

Heartbeat is a novel biological marker of our emotion recognition. As the rhythm of heartbeat tap into the landscape video, the installation evokes audience awareness and their emotional connection to the physical environment.

Technique & Prototyping

As the audience put their hands to the device, their heartbeat data will be collected by the Pulse Sensor through Arduino and convert the video feed on processing which will be projected on the screen. 

installation diagram0.png
The Final Product